January 24, 2014


Hi. I know, it's been a long time. Have you missed me? I have missed you guys! And especially, this baby blog. Well, as you can see I did a little redesign action. It's nothing too crazy, but thought LSL could use a little nip/tuck here and there. You may also notice that there's a new page that has popped up as well.  

That's actually what I want to chat about. I am so, SO very excited to announce that I finally took charge and started making jewelry again. It's definitely nothing too fancy, but it is something creative that I had enjoyed doing all those years ago.

I was given the opportunity by my company to partake in a sabbatical program, a WHOLE month off to work on a personal project. {Cue happy dance, sleeping in, and getting out from behind a computer!} I was over the moon to get a chance to do this and now, I am very happy to present....

Look So Lovely Jewelry

I am currently finishing up my Etsy store, who knew writing descriptions, measurements, and shipping details would be so much work?! Please take a look, most of the pieces are pictured on the LSL Jewelry tab, but there are a few more pieces I need to upload to Etsy. 

And regarding blogging, I hope to get back into it at a normal rate soon. But in the meantime, it'll be a post here and there every week or every other week until I gain momentum.  Thank you for all your support, even in my hiatus, I appreciate it. (Talking to you mom, one of my only readers! Haha!)

Have a lovely weekend!


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