July 25, 2011

LSL {Thoughts & Quotes} - "Mama said..."

Yes, my mama said.

I think I am having one of those "Mama said" days, or week.  Mentally I got knocked on my cute little behind and it seems to be taking me a little longer to get back on my feet. I know these days come and go. They always seem to come around when you least expect them to and at such inconvenient timing. But, that is the beauty of life, I guess. It keeps you on your toes and if you do get knocked down, you know it's just a matter of time before you're up and dancing again. 

I am sharing with you my new favorite painting. I adore the colors and the messiness of it all. To me this painting is like a picture of my brain, soft and girly but a beautiful mess. 

So, bear with me if I take my time. I'll be dancing again soon.


*Credits - Painting by Michelle Aramas via The Lonny blog; "Mama said" print by Ashley Goldberg via Etsy. Both found on my favorite site

July 19, 2011


I really recommend you jet on over to Liz Lovi's Photography blog and check out MY feature. (in case you didn't get that, it's all about ME!) Liz is one of my bestest friends and she also happens to be an amazing photographer. (see more of that here)

A couple of weeks ago she and I met up in SF for some shopping and lunching, which quickly turned into a photo shoot.  Liz is a natural behind the camera.  Me, in front of the camera, not-so-much. I think in the beginning she was probably worried about the outcome of the photos. But, after a little time {and some lunch} I loosened up and just went with it. I decided why not work the streets of SF showing off my modeling skills to everyone downtown?! It was most likely a sight to see. And man, it is tough pretending to be a model. It definitely gave me a new respect on how hard it is to look as pretty as possible doing just about anything. (Like models need anymore reason for us to envy them.)

Here are a couple from the day...

But, go on over and check out her site.  She also did a mini interview with me there too. You can see what MY thoughts are about starting my blog and some of MY favorite design blogs. (Can you tell I am just a little excited about having my very own photo shoot & feature?!)

So, Liz, thank you again for a lovely day! I had a blast and, as I always tell you, you truly have a gift at what you do. I think you captured me just perfectly (minus the need of a tan, of course) and I couldn't be happier. 

What are your favorite blogs? Any favorite places to lunch and photo shoot?


July 18, 2011


GADABOUT (n.) An aimless pleasure seeker; A traveler in search of enjoyment and amusement; One who roams or roves for social activity; The first to put their pursuits to paper.

Hanna Nation, creator/genius of Gadabout paper company is such a true talent.  I am a big fan of snail mail and the lost art of the thank you note, that once I saw these very cute note cards, I knew I had to either tell someone or order them myself (but most likely both).  They are just so simple and sweet.

Thissur Pooram

Carriage Trade
Bringing Up Baby
Jewelry He Gives You
Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp in the Fall
The Devils in the Details
Why Put Off Till Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today

So the deal is, for 25 cards, which include monograming {eeek!} it's $48.00 and only $10.00 for shipping. So what are you waiting for? Go here and if you need help in ordering, well, I think you can't go wrong with any.  So, in my opinion, order a couple and get starting writing your letters, thank you cards, or "Hi! I miss you, friend" notes. Trust me, your recipients will thank you.


July 13, 2011

LSL {Thoughts & Quotes} - Be Daring

Lately this is the mantra that I want to hold myself to. If the saying goes..."curiosity killed the cat" well then, I have to believe the contrary, that the cautious cat never truly lived.

Be daring! 

What is your personal motto? Care to share?


*Credits - photo, quote

July 8, 2011

LSL {Foodie Friday} - In the Kitchen with Gwyneth

I know I've mentioned many times how I'm basically a novice in the kitchen.  That said, I do have some cooking skills. I feel like some of my natural abilities luck in the kitchen comes from a long line of women in my family that share a passion for cooking. In particular my mom and (her mother) my grandma.  Both avid cooks, and completely amazing at what they do.  

When I was a kid we rarely at out at a restaurant, every meal was with all four of us at the dinner table.  Mom always made a full plate, mostly healthy (only a little indulgent) and always, always with a salad made with dressing from a family recipe.  When I look back, sitting down at dinner are some of my fondest memories, all of us talking about our days. 

Why am I rambling, you ask?  Well, just because I am not the greatest in the kitchen department doesn't mean I don't appreciate what it takes to cook a meal every night for your family. Consistently figuring out new recipes to dazzle us kiddos (which, by-the-way, my brother and I would have been happy with hot dogs and plain pasta every night) I watched my mom look thru recipe books for new creations or new ways to spice up an over-played dinner.  

Lately, I have become quite the cookbook reader. I enjoy flipping through the pages and finding that perfect recipe for a certain meal or occasion. Then looking through the cabinets for what I already have, going grocery shopping for the rest, settling down in the kitchen and preparing for someone, or with someone. 

I came across Gwyenth Paltrow's cookbook, "My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes, Celebrating Family & Togetherness," and was very interested in some of her recipes.  I like that it incorporates family cooking traditions. She shares stories of her experiences and fondness in the kitchen, and it's motivating for me to 'just go for it.' 

Can be purchased here

Gwyenny also has a socialist-style website/newsletter, GOOP, that features everything from where to go in different cities she's traveled, fav shopping places, books to read, advice to (or not to) follow, and how to's for recipes. Since it's Foodie Friday, I thought I would share my favorite of the videos she's featured in, AND, it's my favorite food style...Mexican Dinner, Family Style.  

 via Youtube

What are your favorite kitchen traditions?  Any family recipes that you hold dear? Care to share with LSL?  And, what do you think of the newly queened recipe writer, Miss Paltrow?  Do you like what's she's up to in the kitchen?


July 1, 2011

LSL {Foodie Friday} - Independence Day Fun (and Fashion)

This week instead of featuring the usual Foodie Friday, I wanted to throw in some fun Fourth of July fashions that would be great to ramp up your festive side this weekend.  So, whether you are having a BBQ with family and friends in town, hitting up Lake Tahoe for some time on the water, or even just planning on laying low poolside (me) in one of your own summertime spaces (remember this post) this will sure to get you in that spirit.  

And to keep in line with Foodie Friday, there is a very patriotic cherry pie (with star cut out crusts!) as well as the ever important holiday-inspired cocktails. Yes, drinks that are red, white and blue. Can't get more American than that. 

Crepes on the Canal dress {$219} via Lauren Moffatt
Poppy Rumi Dress {$98.00} via J. Crew
I seriously have a thing for chambray
Snap-up Denim Dress {19.80} via
Forever 21
Bow Front Striped Sweater {$17.80} via Forever 21
Goes great with that above sweater
Destroyed Denim White Cut-Offs {$15.80} via
Forever 21
my FAV
High Tide Tunic Dress {$88.00} via
J. Crew

**Psst! Forever 21 has many more very affordable fashions in red, white, and blue to get you all outfitted for the long weekend. Go Team USA!

So festive
Araminta Wedges {$375.00} via
Tory Burch
My new need have to have
Gentle Souls 'Break my Heart' sandals {$184.95} via

Stripe Elastic Espadrille {$123.00 sale} via Tory Burch

For the pool
Striped Halter Bathing Suit {$27.50 sale} via
Old Navy
For the tan lines (or lack there of)
Plaid Seersucker Bikini, {$10.00 ea, sale} via
Old Navy
MY kind of sparklers
KJL Deco Star Drop Earrings {$180.00} via
Max & Chole via Shopstyle 
KJL Starfish Gold Tone Bangle {84.00 sale} via The Out Net via Shopstyle

 And, for the man in your life.
For sporting on the dock
Sperry Tritone Docksider Shoe {$88.00} via
Urban Outfitters
A carry-all for the beer
Hawkings McGill Striped Tote Bag {$49.00} via
Urban Outfitters

To me nothing is more American than a cherry pie. Country Living has an "Easy as Cherry Pie" recipe that is right up my kitchen-challenged alley. Recipe found here. Makes 5 individual pies to share (and show off).

via Country Living

Or for those of you that like to drink your sweets, here are five festive and very delicious holiday inspired drinks. All can be found here

via Real Simple's blog Simply Stated via Hostess with the Mostess

To share my favorite with you, the Strawberry Sucker adapted from Miss Rachel Ray.
{#2} Strawberry Sucker - serves 1
Prep time: 5 minutes

Ice Cubes
One ounce Vodka (2 tablespoons)
Two ounces strawberry schnapps (4 tablespoons)
Club Soda
1 strawberry, halved

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add the vodka and schnapps and top with club soda. Garnish with the strawberry. Enjoy!

What are your plans for the big weekend?  Any recipes that get you in the spirit? Have a 4th of July outfit all planned out? Can you count how many times I used a word beginning with an "f" in this post?  (Hint, it was a lot!)

Wishing you all a safe and sparkling weekend.

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