July 18, 2011


GADABOUT (n.) An aimless pleasure seeker; A traveler in search of enjoyment and amusement; One who roams or roves for social activity; The first to put their pursuits to paper.

Hanna Nation, creator/genius of Gadabout paper company is such a true talent.  I am a big fan of snail mail and the lost art of the thank you note, that once I saw these very cute note cards, I knew I had to either tell someone or order them myself (but most likely both).  They are just so simple and sweet.

Thissur Pooram

Carriage Trade
Bringing Up Baby
Jewelry He Gives You
Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp in the Fall
The Devils in the Details
Why Put Off Till Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today

So the deal is, for 25 cards, which include monograming {eeek!} it's $48.00 and only $10.00 for shipping. So what are you waiting for? Go here and if you need help in ordering, well, I think you can't go wrong with any.  So, in my opinion, order a couple and get starting writing your letters, thank you cards, or "Hi! I miss you, friend" notes. Trust me, your recipients will thank you.


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