July 19, 2011


I really recommend you jet on over to Liz Lovi's Photography blog and check out MY feature. (in case you didn't get that, it's all about ME!) Liz is one of my bestest friends and she also happens to be an amazing photographer. (see more of that here)

A couple of weeks ago she and I met up in SF for some shopping and lunching, which quickly turned into a photo shoot.  Liz is a natural behind the camera.  Me, in front of the camera, not-so-much. I think in the beginning she was probably worried about the outcome of the photos. But, after a little time {and some lunch} I loosened up and just went with it. I decided why not work the streets of SF showing off my modeling skills to everyone downtown?! It was most likely a sight to see. And man, it is tough pretending to be a model. It definitely gave me a new respect on how hard it is to look as pretty as possible doing just about anything. (Like models need anymore reason for us to envy them.)

Here are a couple from the day...

But, go on over and check out her site.  She also did a mini interview with me there too. You can see what MY thoughts are about starting my blog and some of MY favorite design blogs. (Can you tell I am just a little excited about having my very own photo shoot & feature?!)

So, Liz, thank you again for a lovely day! I had a blast and, as I always tell you, you truly have a gift at what you do. I think you captured me just perfectly (minus the need of a tan, of course) and I couldn't be happier. 

What are your favorite blogs? Any favorite places to lunch and photo shoot?


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  1. Lauren, I love your blog and I loved hanging out with you in San Francisco!! You are a natural in front of the camera!! I love how your session turned out...and thank you for being such a wonderful friend!! xoxo
    ps...I'm going to take you clothes shopping with me all the time so you can tell me what to buy ;)


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