July 25, 2011

LSL {Thoughts & Quotes} - "Mama said..."

Yes, my mama said.

I think I am having one of those "Mama said" days, or week.  Mentally I got knocked on my cute little behind and it seems to be taking me a little longer to get back on my feet. I know these days come and go. They always seem to come around when you least expect them to and at such inconvenient timing. But, that is the beauty of life, I guess. It keeps you on your toes and if you do get knocked down, you know it's just a matter of time before you're up and dancing again. 

I am sharing with you my new favorite painting. I adore the colors and the messiness of it all. To me this painting is like a picture of my brain, soft and girly but a beautiful mess. 

So, bear with me if I take my time. I'll be dancing again soon.


*Credits - Painting by Michelle Aramas via The Lonny blog; "Mama said" print by Ashley Goldberg via Etsy. Both found on my favorite site


  1. Love you Lauren, and I too know you will be dancing again soon :)

    ps...I love that painting too! Beautiful :)

  2. I recently discovered this quote:

    "Tough times never last, but tough people do." - Robert H Schuller

    I really love it and helps me get back to my dancing...I am sure it will help you as well! :)

    Love you!


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