July 8, 2011

LSL {Foodie Friday} - In the Kitchen with Gwyneth

I know I've mentioned many times how I'm basically a novice in the kitchen.  That said, I do have some cooking skills. I feel like some of my natural abilities luck in the kitchen comes from a long line of women in my family that share a passion for cooking. In particular my mom and (her mother) my grandma.  Both avid cooks, and completely amazing at what they do.  

When I was a kid we rarely at out at a restaurant, every meal was with all four of us at the dinner table.  Mom always made a full plate, mostly healthy (only a little indulgent) and always, always with a salad made with dressing from a family recipe.  When I look back, sitting down at dinner are some of my fondest memories, all of us talking about our days. 

Why am I rambling, you ask?  Well, just because I am not the greatest in the kitchen department doesn't mean I don't appreciate what it takes to cook a meal every night for your family. Consistently figuring out new recipes to dazzle us kiddos (which, by-the-way, my brother and I would have been happy with hot dogs and plain pasta every night) I watched my mom look thru recipe books for new creations or new ways to spice up an over-played dinner.  

Lately, I have become quite the cookbook reader. I enjoy flipping through the pages and finding that perfect recipe for a certain meal or occasion. Then looking through the cabinets for what I already have, going grocery shopping for the rest, settling down in the kitchen and preparing for someone, or with someone. 

I came across Gwyenth Paltrow's cookbook, "My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes, Celebrating Family & Togetherness," and was very interested in some of her recipes.  I like that it incorporates family cooking traditions. She shares stories of her experiences and fondness in the kitchen, and it's motivating for me to 'just go for it.' 

Can be purchased here

Gwyenny also has a socialist-style website/newsletter, GOOP, that features everything from where to go in different cities she's traveled, fav shopping places, books to read, advice to (or not to) follow, and how to's for recipes. Since it's Foodie Friday, I thought I would share my favorite of the videos she's featured in, AND, it's my favorite food style...Mexican Dinner, Family Style.  

 via Youtube

What are your favorite kitchen traditions?  Any family recipes that you hold dear? Care to share with LSL?  And, what do you think of the newly queened recipe writer, Miss Paltrow?  Do you like what's she's up to in the kitchen?


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