October 5, 2012


Hi all :) I've decided to take a blogcation. Yup, similar to those staycations. I feel like I keep promising to myself that I'll post more, then time flies away from me. (really where does it go?) Trying to stay inspired to write seems to make me more distracted than ever. And striking when the iron is lukewarm is not working. This blog is my place to be creative and I truly love it. (well, most of the time) However, I am feeling a little like it's homework these days, without focus and direction and that is not how I want LSL to be. For me. 

After a lot of thought, I've decided to take a little blogcation. Just some time away to recharge, refresh, and rethink my baby. I still encourage the comments, or emails to say hello. 

To me this is an exciting time away. And instead of feeling overwhelmed about what to post, what to cook, what to do; I can focus more on what I am interested in posting, if I feel like changing it up, but most of all, improving it overall. 

In the meantime, I'm planning a lot of this.... 

and you should too!


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  1. Love you lady, and look forward to your posts when you come back from your blogcation :)

  2. I'll miss you but understand you're need for a break. You'll come back charged with exciting new posts or perhaps a completely new blog. I'm speaking from experience. ; )

    Keep me posted on your next move and of course, drop me notes whenever you feel like it!

    Looking forward to what's next for you....



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