March 30, 2011

LSL {Thoughts & Quotes} - Introvert

The title of this post seems to sum up the way I'm feeling this week.  You know those days when you think, what's my purpose, what am I doing with my life, given a million bucks how would it be different?  That kind of week. I get these days when I feel such sudden bursts of creativity mixed with the need for wanting more.  I  get overwhelmed with thoughts of, what to do, how to do it and the courage to just go for it (whatever that "it" may be).

I started this blog to have that creative avenue I was craving, a space to share my thoughts, not all are necessarily award-worthy, but hoping to make it a place for me to share lovely little inspirations that I come across. (And, a place that can be just for me!) Then, while exploring my new favorite website, Pinterest, (thank you, Lizzie) I came across these two quotes and it got the introvert in my thinking....  

via - pinterest

via - pinterest

I feel the need for a creative change in my life, just not sure what it is yet, but I do know that I want to make this experience here on earth worth while.  Something that I can be proud of.

So, that's just me you lovelies ever get days like this?  What do you do when that overwhelming need for something more comes across?


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