March 2, 2011

"Someone Like You"

I've been a big fan of Adele for a while and her last, most popular, song "Rolling In The Deep" is one that I will continue to turn up and sing at the very top of my lungs every time I hear it.  But this one, "Someone Like You"....seriously gives me chills!  She. is. amazing.  Her voice is so velvety and soulful.  
This video was filmed in her home, which in itself is so cool, but it truly shows off her style, I jadore the packed bookcases, her amazing bed, and the way they filmed it mostly through a mirror. I am in awe. You must check it out.

I love her.

*Credit - video via youtube

1 comment:

  1. Darling LJ - LOVE the new font and wallpaper AND just bought Adele's entire album because of you :-)


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