June 3, 2011

Hot off the {virtual} press

To rearrirm my love affair with online Shelter Magazines, The New York Times just wrote an article, by Steven Kurutz, featuring four of my absolute favorites: Lonny, Rue, High Gloss and Matchbook Magazines.

I recommend that you 1.) read this article. It gives a good overview of these featured four and what they are bringing to this new way of publishing magazines. However, to be honest (and a little soapbox-y), I was a tad disappointed that part of this article came off a bit snarky and competitive. I understand that in this type of industry one needs some level of competition, but I didn't love how the author seemed to pit the women against each other, when it shouldn't be about that. It should focus on how there is a very relevant need for shelter mags, much like the much missed Domino Magazine, and each have a lot to gain from each other.  As a reader and a blogger, I don't just stick to one online reading for my content. The very opposite would be true. I believe in the more the merrier, I know I have a lot to learn but I appreciate the different approaches of multiple (brilliant) women to get that from. (okay off said soapbox now)

But back to 2.) you really should subscribe to each magazine! (see past blog posts for info and/or each are linked above) There are fabulous. Chalk full of great articles, inspiring interiors, recommended products, just to name a few things.  But more than that, to me, they are a huge source of knowledge and inspiration. I know my day is going to be a good one when I see a new issue in my inbox. 

The founders of new online shelter publications include, clockwise from top left, Patrick Cline and Michelle Adams of Lonny; Paloma Contreras of High Gloss; Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello of Rue; and Katie Armour of Matchbook
Clockwise from top left: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times; Megan Thompson Lovoi for The New York Times; Drew Kelly for The New York Times

And, not to be forgotten, Adore, TRADhome, Anthology, and Styled are also fab online reads! What are your favorite online magazines that you look forward to reading every month? Please share so that my online library can grow.


*Credits - The New York Times Home & Garden Section 

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