June 11, 2011

LSL {Thoughts & Quotes} - Friendship

This weekend I am going to a good ol' fashioned slumber party. I think the last time I uttered those words, I was in middle school?! Well, I couldn't be more excited. The plan is to have some wine, a dinner somewhere fab, more wine, check out the movie Bridesmaids (I, not so patiently have been waiting to see it with the ladies I have been bridesmaids with, a few times over) even more wine, braid each other's hair and then have pillow fights. Okay, so the last two will most likely not happen, sorry to disappoint, fellas. When I get together with these two lovelies it's like I'm back in the college dorms living with them again. I. cannot. wait.

While reading my daily fix of my favorite LSL blogs, I saw this watercolor print by Caitlin McGauley on The Lonny Blog.

via The Lonny Blog via Caitlin McGauley

I remember spending hours making friendship bracelets for my school friends, begging my mom to take me to Michael's to get bright colors of embroidery thread.  As a kid I was very fortunate to have a great group of neighborhood friends that were just steps from my house.  And as an adult, I am again fortunate to have a strong group of friends. As I have gotten older I realize just how important friends are in your life, and such support they bring. I am lucky, I have an amazing group of ladies that I feel very blessed to know, and more than a decade later we still remain close. So, thank you, this "friendship bracelet" print is for you. The ladies that I call my favorite friends, the ones that I feel fortunate in being able to share big moments of their lives, the weddings (and upcoming weddings), the starting of families, the new homes, and the weekend get-a-ways. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate all of you.  


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  1. sounds like so much fun. i like the "have some wine, then more wine, and more wine" part :) hope you had a lovely weekend lauren!


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