November 4, 2011

Matchbook Magazine...

Is live...
...and you should really check it out! If not for the Thanksgiving table setting ideas, the recipes from local LG blogger Lisa of With Style & Grace, an interview with one of my absolute favorite style icons, Mr. and Mrs. Spade, annnd an amazing Holiday Gift Guide. If you're not convinced to investigate further, well, I did my best.

Psst....if you need any ideas for me for Christmas, I would recommend you doing a once-over of "The Bohemian", "The Prep" and "The Social Butterfly" in the Holiday Gift Guide (mom) there you will spot some really great finds. Actually, I would be happy with really anything on the list. (mom) 


PS. Did you notice I added another tab to the header? This is where you can find some of my dailys. These are my favorite blogs that I enjoy "daily." So, before you head over to Matchbook Mag, take a gander at some of MY favorites. Happy Friday!

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