November 22, 2011

Set the Table

I'm not what you would called "skilled" in the kitchen department, for example, my lovely mother is known to just put me in charge of ice, water and setting the table. Slowly over the years I have graduated to being in charge of making gravy as well. (Which by the way, is something that I take great pride in. And yes, I realize it's just gravy.) As much as I would want this post to be about me bragging over my gravy makin' skills, I thought it would be more fun for you to check out some of these awe-inspiring table settings. Maybe get some ideas for your big holiday table and dazzle your guests when they sit down for their delicious dinner.
via It's Written On The Walls
So elegant
via Birch and Bird
For the kiddie table
via Under the Table & Dreaming
via Under the Table & Dreaming
via Miss Martha S
So simple
via Under the Table & Dreaming
Anything spray painted metallic and I'm on board
via Miss Martha S
Love incorporating the pink on to the table
via Southern Living
Isn't this beautiful? Black and white and touches of shimmer
via Digs Digs

Here's a creative way for those placecard holders...
via Oh How Posh
via Miss Martha S
via New England Fine Living
And as an added bonus, check out ways even more ways to upgrade your table settings here and helpful hints on holiday entertaining here.

Wishing you a wonderful and fulling Thanksgiving!



  1. I love this post! If it makes you feel better...I've become the 'cranberry sauce' gal! :) Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Nicole- Thank you for the reminder! I too am in charge of that very important opening of the cranberry can and plopping it in a bowl. Wow, so much to do tomorrow. ;-) Happy early Thanksgiving!


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