December 14, 2011

Girly Gift Ideas

Now that it's mid-December and the Christmas shopping (at least for most people) is under way. I am completely stressing myself out thinking of what to get people and it's now December 14th and I have done very little gift shopping. Yikes! So while procrastinating attempting to find the perfect gifts for my favorite friends and family, I was looking at my dailys to see what my favorite bloggers recommend. It seems like gift guides are all over and I have to say, in true LSL fashion, I am coveting most items. But my favorite and most extravagant gift guide is by the lovely Mrs. Lilien. She paired up with Juicy Couture to make not one, but 12 fabulous lists.

Instead of giving you yet another gift guide, I thought I would share illustrations from a very sweet Esty artist, Kristina HultkrantzShe makes the loveliest prints. So for the girly girl that has everything, here is one thing that she will soon need adore.

'Coco Chanel'
'Miss Dior Cherie'
'Audrey Hepburn'
'Hermes Tray'

'30 Lipsticks'
'Jackie Kennedy'
'Marilyn Monroe'

Happy gifting!

*Psst these prints may or may not be on my "I've been so good this year" Christmas list. (wink)


  1. Love, love, love the Marilyn piece! Will def check out this etsy shop!

  2. Love these! (and random...but I have the Miss Dior perfume...I love it :)


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