May 31, 2012

Pillow Talk

I have been on the hunt for a couch for about a month now. I knew I wanted a love seat sized one since that is about all that would fit into my teeny tiny studio. I had my eye on this Ikea Ektorp one, but the $479 price tag was turning me off. But, low and behold, some stalking on Craigslist proved to be fruitful...I got the couch that I wanted (the same Ikea one, only a few years older) for only $45! AND they would deliver it for me for only $10 extra dollars. Seriously did I just get a couch for ONLY $55? I couldn't believe it myself. There had to be some kind of catch, there must be a tear somewhere? No. It must smell? Nope. It was filled with cat hair? No. It was in good shape and seemed to come from a loving home.

So, this is my just-got-it-home-quick-snap-a-picture-of-it, picture of it...

Yikes. Excuse the poor quality
...and I do need to clean the cover still, and think I may invest in a brand new white cover, but it's mine, all mine.

Now that I have to couch, I'll probably re-arrange my studio about six more times to figure out where I want my furniture, but it is slowly coming together. (Which means you'll get some actual snapshots of the pad, sometime in the near future) But what buying a couch really means is...I get to go pillow shopping! Silly, I know. Who gets excited about pillows? Well, this girl does. 

So much to choose from...

I'm thinking the brighter the better and definitely a pattern. And I think I may even have my heart set on mustard yellow. I might just have to have a pillow fashion show, you know where I buy a bunch and test them out on Mr. Couch, and see what works. (Don't worry, knowing me all of this switching up will most likely end up on my instagram - Miss_Lovelylsl) ;)

I do love how mixing up your throw pillows can really change the look of a room. Instead of painting the walls or rearranging the furniture, start with trying a set of different colored or patterned pillows and see what change it makes for you. 

What's your pillow thoughts? 


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