April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I like Earth Day. I like a day to remind all of society to be kind to the planet that we live on.  To respect it and treat it right.  Remember to do the little things like recycle, carpool, start a garden, and go camping.  Camping?  Yes, every year Earth Day comes around and I am reminded how I have not been camping in quite a long time.  I know it's a weird association but a day about getting in touch with nature reminds me just how out of touch I am with it.  While I enjoy camping, I'm not necessarily very good at it.  I definitely couldn't lead the troops to be able to set up a tent (I would definitely need a kindergarten-aged instruction manual) nor would I be the person to set up the fire and trying to fish, forget about it. Don't get me wrong, I merely need a kind and very patient instructor, then I'm all in. And, I do love the time with friends around the campfire, the smells and sounds of the trees around us, the stargazing, and the definitely the smores!

I stumbled across a post from Kelley Moore's blog a while back about "Glamping" meaning "Glamourous Camping" and I thought to myself, I could definitely handle that.  Check out this beautiful glamping retreat she created in her backyard for Seattle Magazine.

The best part about Kelley Moore's take on glamping is that most of the goods used are from two of LSL's favorite places: Ikea and Target. You too can create your own glamping retreat.  

Wishing you a lovely Earth Day and don't forget to be kind to your mother...Earth.


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