April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding

So, it's all over the news, the web, basically everywhere. There will be a Royal Wedding and it's happening in about a day. Personally I am beyond excited!  There is some fascination for me about the Royal Family, the traditions behind a King and Queen annnnd what girl as a child didn't want to marry her very own prince?  

I stumbled upon The Tomkat Studios blog the other day (you really should check it out, simply fabulous) and they had a great compilation paying tribute to William and Kate and their big day. And you can even get {free} downloadable cupcake toppers, you know, if you are planning on celebrating the big day with some sweet treats.  If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would love to throw a big party with lots of tea, sweets and very big hats! 

via - The Tomkat Studios

Next, if you are planning on making something sweet, I would highly recommend you should jaunt on over to With Style and Grace for a the most lovely sounding cupcakes I've ever heard of, Champagne Cupcakes with Strawberry Filling. Sure sounds fit for a future queen. 

via - With Style and Grace

What are your plans for the big celebration?  Getting together with friends at 1:00am for the pre show or sleeping in and watching it the next day on E?  Yeah, I'm planning on the latter of the two, while wearing my big hat, of course.


*Credits - The Tomkat Studios, With Style and Grace

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  1. I slept it...but did catch a glimpse of it when I was at the gym this morning ;) Those cupcakes look delish!!


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