April 4, 2012

Lost my Marbles

Way back in the day, my Mom was an art teacher and as a kid on our summers off, we used to have the best arts and craft projects but hands down, my favorite thing to make was marbleized paper, cards and tee shirts. I think my brother and I even attempted at making twinsie-style marbleized tee shirts to wear out together. And, you know, marbleizing is actually quite easy. If you're interested in trying it, my favorite Miss Martha can help you out with that.

While I realize this trend has been around for sometime, I re-discovered it while thinking of decor ideas and plans for my new crib. (do people still use that word?) I have been spending an obscence amount of time on pinterest (who has two thumbs and is obsessed with that site...this girl!) and came across some beautiful marbleizations ideas and I immediatedly thought of my days outside in my parents' backyard making patterns.

What do you think? Or have I really lost my marbles? 

It can be used as a great pop of color
via Fashionable Interiors

Fancy up napkins
via Dransfield & Ross

I know we're supposed be checking out that bedspread/pillow combo,
but that navy velvet tufted headboard...I die!
via Stage 4 More

Lovely candles
via Room Rx
I love the idea I could again make my own marbleized art
Stella McCartney Winter 2012
Marbleized watercolor look
via Design Crisis

Lots of great marbleized pillows on Etsy
via Chic Decor Pillows

Even your nails can get with the program.
via Hey Nice Nails

So, what's your verdict on marbling? Do you want to stop what you're doing, find some paint, and give this a go, like I do? Yeah, too bad we're stuck at work.


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