April 30, 2012


I cannot believe how social media savvy I have become. Seriously. It used to be me with only a phone and an email address (that I hardly used to check because it was all just promos for places like Old Navy and Sephora). I had no idea what I was missing. Now, I'm a blogger, a booker of the face, a tweeter, a pinterest-er and, most my favorite of late, an instagrammer. I hardly recognize myself. (haha)

Now that I have professed my social media status to the world (which I bet is just a sliver of the pie) can you tell I'm still a rookie to it. But I am trying to make a solid effort to, at the very least, take more pictures. And when you have apps like instagram, picfx, and hipstmatic, it makes regular picture taking a little more exciting.

Here are some snapshots of my busy weekend

Some amazing succulents from my walk

Starting to finally hang those pictures.
Thank you ikea frame filler, you are a helpful guide.

My view

Photoshoot with G & L

Downtown SF

Sunday beach brunch
Honey, I baked
A card from a friend

What are your favorite social media apps? Is there any that a novice like me should know about? Also, I would love to know all your pinterest, twitter, and instagram, names too, I wanna follow you right back.


*Credit - all photos taken with my trusty iPhone

1 comment:

  1. Love seeing all your instagram pics! I think Instagram has become my new fav social media app :) xo


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