April 23, 2012

DIY - Terrariums

So, I am kind of obsessed with terrariums lately. It's hard not to be they are everywhere. I love them, with they're cute little succulents all placed sweetly in containers. I considered buying every single one I laid my lovely little eyes on, however I was also intrigued by how easy they seem to be to make that I wanted to try it out on my own. Then, as fate would have it, enter an email a couple of months ago that Workshop SF sent out about a terrarium making class, and that was my sign once and for all. 

Since it's been a couple of months and my sweet little ones are still kicking, even after 'the incident,' 
I thought I would pass my DIY Terrarium knowledge on to you. 

This is the terrarium that I made at the workshop in all its instagram glory. 

Glass jar, with or without lid
Potting soil
Activated charcoal (find at a plant store/nursery)
Small stones, pebbles, or gravel
Sheet moss or super moss 
Spray bottle of water
Toppers (for added decor - cupcake toppers, toys, matchbook cars, army men)

*These below pictures are from a simple little succulent garden that I made the other day to spruce up my new abode, but you'll get the idea.

How to-
1. Clean your terrarium jar thoroughly, remove any past cleaners. (if it was used for makin' moonshine, maybe find a new jar). If there is a film on your jar, use a little vegetable oil dabbed on a rag to remove.

2. Add a layer (1-1.5 inches) of rocks/pebbles at the bottom of your jar, this is for drainage.

3. Sprinkle a light layer of activated charcoal on top of your rocks. This acts like a deodorant and actually keeps the terrarium from smelling like an old gym bag. If the terrarium has a lid, add a little extra deodorant.

4. Add 3-4 inches of soil


5. Now you are ready to start adding some plants. Dig a few small holes, you will root your plants in these. Leave some open spaces between the holes for your succulents to grow.

6. Place your plants in the holes and pack with soil around the roots so they stand firm. No limp plants here.

7. Tear small pieces of sheet moss/super moss and fill in the empty areas, it acts as a great filler and keeps in moisture. 

8. Add toppers if desired for some added flare.

9. Water. Spray terrarium 1-2 times a week. Closed lid terrariums need less water.

Don't forget to rotate your terrariums every week or so, that way all sides of your little garden will grow.

There you go, a sweet little DIY terrarium, made with love. How do you feel about the terrarium craze? A Big fan of the succulents, like I am? And the great thing about these gardens they are relatively LSL-proof, meaning even my black thumb is starting to turn shades of dark green with how easy these are to do and keep alive. Go me. 


PS. You should sign up for Workshop SF's email distro list, they have some really great classes. And, if this isn't more of a selling point, their motto is "Drink Beer & Make Stuff" Uhhh, okay.

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