March 1, 2012

February Photo Challenge - Completed

If you remember this post, you will know that I had decided to challenge myself to a photo-a-day for the whole month of February. This challenge, created by Fat Mum Slim, was a lot of fun. And, if I could baby-step my way into my monthly challenges, a photo-a-day one was great to start out with and get my feet a little wet. It felt a bit like homework, in the good sense, I knew I had to be responsible to take a picture of something everyday and it became an interesting way to test myself to think out of the box for my photographs.  

Here is my completed challenge, all 29 days of it...

1. Your view- where I sit five days out of my week, mostly staring at the computer // 2. Words- a particularly powerful paragraph out of 'The Happiness Project,' that I am currently reading // 3. Hands- just finished painting my nails // 4. Strangers- sitting at Starbucks with the wonderful Liz Lovi doing some collab work // 5. 10am- make-up time, me lazily getting ready for the day // 6. Dinner- out with Miss S for some sushi // 7. Button- my favorite white coat with black buttons // 8. Sun- middle of the day sunshine // 9. Front door- the outside door to my work // 10. Self-portrait- me right before bed time // 11. Makes you happy- I found mint dark chocolate M&M's, need I say more? // 12. Inside your closet- my very overstuffed clothes // 13. Blue- I remember we had very little sun that day, so as soon as the rain stopped and the clouds opened up I ran outside and snapped up some pretty pictures // 14. Heart- Happy Valentine's Day, these hearts were from a present I was giving out // 15. Phone- you can barely see my leopard phone case in this picture, but the flash did something cool with the mirror // 16. Something new- got a snazzy new blazer with fun buttons // 17. Time- anxiously waiting to leave for a weekend trip to Tahoe // 18. Drink- celebrating a weekend away with cocktails, duh // 19. Something that you hate to do- well, turns out I hate walking on slippery, icy, cold snow. Must be something to do with my fragile ankle ;) // 20. Handwriting- lyrics to one of my favorite songs at the moment, "After the Storm" by Mumford & Sons // 21. Favorite photo of me- this is way back in 1984/85 of my brother and I. I love how cute we were but also my fabulous outfit: pink leotard WITH silver sequins, pink tutu, white tights, white turtleneck, then all accessorized with a while lace bow. haha // 22. Where I work- looks a lot like picture #1 but this is my messy work space // 23. Your shoes- this was an exciting day, the day I found out I can wear two shoes without my brace // 24. Inside your bathroom closet- my perfumes // 25. Green- my terrarium is still alive (even though I accidentally watered it with Febreeze fabric softener instead of a water bottle. My defense is that they were both blue spray bottles, it could happen to anyone.) // 26. Night- a very dark, cold and windy night this picture was // 27. Something you ate- my nightly staple, a dark chocolate Dove candy // 28. Money- my favorite kind of "money" - gift cards // 29. Something that I'm listening to- Wye Oak was introduced to me from a friend and I put them into my Pandora rotation and I really like them. // 29 1/2. February Challenge list is my 'add one for good luck.'

So, if you are interested in trying this challenge for yourself, Fat Mum Slim has created a March one as well. Get your cameras or phones ready to start taking some pictures, then post to either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Marchphotoaday and have some fun. I would love to know if you have done the February challenge or if you decide to participate in the March one, you can always email me photos ( or friend me on Instagram (Miss_Lovelylsl). I would love to see your progress.

Happy challenging!

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