March 14, 2012

Back {and hopefully} Better Than EVER

If you are anything like me you are still mourning the loss of our beloved Domino Magazine. I know it sounds silly and totally petty, but I do truly still miss my favorite magazine. And, I know that the online shelter-style magazines are now running a plethora all over the web, but I miss the days where I could peruse the pages, dog-ear certain ideas, and then rip them out and post them to my old school corkboard. It's weird, yes. And sadly, way back when, we stupidly recycled all of ours. #stillkickingmyself


Well, as you can probably take from my reminiscing and the title of this post....Domino is BACK! (Insert extreme happy face and dancing emoticon here) It will be a little different, called now 'Domino Quick Fixes,' and it will be available on newsstands April 17. The explanation goes, "Domino Quick Fixes will be full of Domino’s best home decorating stories, focusing on easy and inexpensive changes that make a big difference -- from quick spruce-ups of dowdy furniture to painting stairs or reorganizing a home office." Heck to the yes. 

I was so excited when I saw this I just had to spread the news. Do any of you remember Domino? Have the same love affair as I do with the magazine? I still even have the brown and turquoise tote bag that was a promotional gift with purchase. Yes, self admitted Domino geek here.

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  1. I do admit, I have a love affair with magazines, and too many subscriptions lol! I always think I'm going to tear out pages for inspiration...and sometimes I do, but I need to be better about it!

    1. I know I usually end up keeping the entire mag and then it becomes huge stacks of magazines around the house. After a few months I get frustrated and end up throwing the whole thing in recycling. That's why I love my Pinterest so much, everything is online now. No more hoarding mags. ;) xo

  2. Whoa! It's coming back?! Normally when things get cancelled, you never see them again (ahem, My So-Called Life)...I'm impressed with Conde Nast, they listened to their readers who wanted this amazing magazine to come back!

    Very cool!

    Hi L! How are you? xo!

    1. God, how I miss My So-called life. I was listening to the radio the other day and a song from Jared Leto's band (something about Mars..) came on and I just started day-dreaming, right there while driving to work, about how I used to be so in love with Jordan Catalano. haha

      And, yes supposedly the mag is back...but who knows if it will be a monthly thing or a quarterly one, but regardless, I am so happy to have my magazine back. :)

      And, I am doing really well, Miss Ella. Thank you for asking. :) I feel like I am finally back to my (semi) old self. It only took about 6-ish months. ;)


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