March 27, 2012

Color Me Bad

Neon is having such a moment right now...

I love the pops of color. And I especially love the idea of adding neon pieces to the home or office. It seems to perk up any room and you definitely don't need much, a chair here or a lamp there will do.

I also enjoy the pops of color added to everyday outfits. I think for me though, I would take a little more of a subtle route. I had my hay day of neon wearing when I was a kid, (those were the days!) this time around I might add a neon yellow belt or some hot pink flats to my closet, that would suit me just fine. I have to say I do kind of like reverting back to my 1986 fashions but in today's style. And is it just me or does neon seem a little chicer this time around?

What do you you think about the neon trend? Were you also a wild child of the 80's? Miss anything thing from that era like I do? I wasn't a big fan of the hairstyle back then, with the extra large bangs and all that hairspray, but if I could get NKOTB, banana clips and hyper color shirts back, that would be a whole 'nother thing.


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  1. I love this trend. When done right, a little flash o' neon never hurt anyone!

    An 80s trend that I'm glad is coming back is colored eye shadows! I've been rocking the mint green/navy combo these days, making me feel like a mermaid! : )

    Bon week-end, dear!

  2. I love the mint + navy look and I bet you look adorable in it! I need to find me some good fitting mint jeans for the summer!



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