July 26, 2012

Reese's Ojai Oasis

Reese Witherspoon's house in Ojai. In September's issue of Elle Decor. I die. 

Sorry for the mellow dramatics, but the "I die" is that I have always said that when I grow up I want to move to Montecito and be neighbors with Miss Oprah and Jennifer Aniston. We would all hang out, have coffee dates, maybe I could even reap some of the benefits of Miss O's generosity? You never know! (cough...O's favorite things...cough) 

So, when I finally had a hot minute to myself (and not in the throes of summer camp) I got a chance to sneak peek the Sept issue of Elle Decor, (thank you email blast) and I was immediately smitten. To be totally honest, I was neither here nor there about Miss Reese and her movie choices and acting abilities. I have liked most of her movies and think that she and I could probably be friends. Cause you know, that's usually how I judge celebs, if we could be friends or not? And M-town and Ojai aren't too far away from each other. ;) But then when I peeped her Spanish ranch style home filled with it's high ceilings of exposed wood, Spanish tile and those rod-iron details, it sealed the deal in my head. This lady has the house that is everything this gal loves. And yes, we definitely could be friends.

On to my favorite's game, so I've mentioned this before but definitely love those high exposed wood beam ceilings, then second would be the reading nooks in each of the bedrooms, okay and then that hot pink ikat chair in the 5th photo will round out my most favorites out of all. (and you know that was really hard for me to narrow down)  
What's your favorites? Do you also day dream about Spanish-style houses like me? Well, yes that's just another tiny tidbit about me...my Spanish ranch house admiration.

To follow up with the article and even more pictures, go here.


*Credit - Elle Decor, September; Photos via William Waldron; Article Written by David A. Keeps; Styled by Anita Sarsidi


  1. Haha! I love how "I die" is a tag now!! You're too funny! Spanish-style houses are exactly my thing, but I can see the fabulous taste in this home. I'd expect nothing less of Reese! I like the strategic placing of the cowboy boots in photo #4!

    When I look at the star's fabulous homes, it makes me anxious! I want a fabulous home too! Where's my slice?

    Have a nice weekend, L! xo.

    1. I may need to learn some better adjectives, but I die seems to sum up how I think perfectly. ;)

      And I agree I would love to get a slice of the rich fabulous home pie too! And even more, I just want to go home shopping with them and watch them spend their moola. Oh to live vicariously!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend too, E!



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