August 1, 2012

LSL { Thoughts & Quotes} - Notes to Self

With all the craziness that summer is for me at work (what's this, the third post where I've talked about my busy work schedule!) I tend to take that feeling home and then it becomes me feeling a little crazy during my off hours. And it's just that feeling you get when you are so busy doing one thing but your mind is actually on wanting to do so much of another. Like decorating your house, painting a project, cooking a Foodie Friday idea. When I get home it's to the couch I go and not much else happens. I keep thinking oh, tomorrow I'll do that or after work on Wednesday that will happen. But plans get pushed back and sadly, I am notorious for having all these ideas when I am too busy to execute them, that when I finally get some free time (aka. in a couple of weeks) will I do them?

With that all said, and I don't know about you, but sometimes all you need is a reminder to slow down, or to inspire yourself midst the hoopla that is going on. I love me some quotes, so when I discovered these lovely and very inspiring ones from a very sweet blog called Notes to Self I got to printing and posting them up all around my desk. Sarah, the designer behind these beauts, not only created all of these images herself but has a very impressive blog that I highly suggest you go and check out. Her images are totes gorge. 

Putting up quotes to help me stay inspired when life gets a little overwhelming works for me, what is your go to? How do you stay motivated and/or inspired when there's no time, or there is time but your mind tells you that watching Always Sunny In Philly reruns is a more important to do? I could really use any advise to keep pushing me. Because at the end of the day, this is our one shot, might as well make the most of it.


*Credit - Notes to Self

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