August 3, 2012

LSL { Foodie Friday} - Just Peachy

It's another peachy recipe on the blog. I always claim that I cook...I can cook salads and cereal like no one's business. I tend to add a little extra love into all my "recipes" and there you go, a big bowl of salad or cereal to fill you up. I was so happy with the last peach-filled recipe I thought why not make it into a salad as well. And this is the easiest salad. ever. 

Peach, Walnut & Goat Cheese Salad
{this serving size was intended for one, but could easily be doubled, tripled...)

Ingredients -
Mixed greens
1 peach
Handful of walnuts, chopped
Goat cheese
A couple large basil leaves
Oil and balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Directions - 
1. Slice peaches, crumble goat cheese, slice basil into very thin strips. 
2. Add peaches, cheese, basil, and walnuts to mixed greens in a large bowl. Add oil and vinegar as dressing, mix all together. Salt and pepper to taste. 
3. Enjoy

I'm a veteran to making salads, but I think this has been my most favorite as of late. You definitely want to make sure the peaches are not too ripe though, then they just get mushy and that texture is hard to mask. Even with all the balsamic vinegar in the world. 

As an upgrade, or as I would call it the "adult" version, you could grill the peaches then add them to the salad. You could even get all fancy up in there and make your own croutons. But, even as is, it's a great summer salad.

Bon Appetit and Happy Weekend!


*Credit - all grainy pictures via my iPhone + instagram


  1. Nice recipe and photos to go along with your blog.
    Your biggest fan, Mom

  2. Grainy Shmainy! Those photos came out really good. I actually thought you had borrowed them from another site and was surprised when I saw the credits that they had been taken with your phone! You're turning into quite the foodie photog!

    Wishing you a happy end of summer, Miss! xo.

    1. Aww shucks! Thank you Miss E!

      Wishing you a happy end of the summer as well!



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