August 21, 2012

Black + White

I'm baaaaack! Did you miss me? Because I surely missed all of you. Summer camp is finally ovah and I have most of my sanity back. (let's face it, it's only partly there most of the time anyway) But I am so sorry to have neglected my baby for so long. I can't believe I missed a couple of LSL Foodie Fridays even. I was really out of it. But that will soon change.

But now that I'm back I want to talk black and whites. I own a lot of white. I love the simple clean lines for the house...and frankly for the wardrobe too. I own a white couch, coffee table, TV/buffet table, and duvet. You also have to remember that I live in a studio, so that's basically the entire house. Not to mention all white walls. With the lack of color I have been adding pops of greens, pinks and most of all, my favorite color, turquoise into the mix. But I have to say, with fall right around the corner I am thinking that mixing it up and making my place a little less summer/beachy/cottage-chic and a little more modern sophistication. 

I love the look of mostly white interiors with pops of black. I mean these interiors speak for themselves...

I decided to start my latest mission with pillows. As you know I have a small thing for stripes and when I saw this fabric it was just what I needed. So with a little help from my favorite brother's sewing machine skills. I made two new pillows to snazz the place up. I love how I can include any color with them (currently in the pic it's a soft turq throw) and they'll go with anything. Also judging from the above pics to make it even more classy, I need to get a plant up in my place too. (did you notice that?)

Forgive Walden, he makes the instagram tint a little blue-ish

Look out sophistication, here I come. 


*Credit - 1/2/3/4

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