August 26, 2012

Bucket List

It's that time again and today's my BIG birthday! Last year I reflected on my 31 years and looking back, I have been working really hard to take my own advice. As difficult as I may be. ;) This year I'm thinking it would be a fun idea to try a bucket list of sorts. Some goals I want to try and accomplish this year. Some silly (#13, #27) and some more of a challenge (#14, #29). But what's another year older without some things to check off the ol' life list.

My 32 for 32 -  
1. Take a cooking class. (psst...already signed up and it's in September.) Check! {9/20/12}
2. Go sailing.
3. Volunteer more (ok, at all). Find a good cause and get going.
4. Go to a blogger event. Work on building a blogger community in general.
5. Read and reread some classics. Remember those? The ones we had to for HS.
6. Have a meal in every borough of SF (China town, North Beach, Marina, Sunset, etc....)
7. Camp on the coast.
8. Finally learn my crappy digital camera's manual mode. And use it more.
9. NEW job. (shhh)
10. Take a dance lesson. Maybe the pachanga, like Baby and Johnny.
11. Host a small dinner party at my house. And make all the food myself!
12. Finally learn a song on my guitar.
13. Use all my fancy purses and clutches this year. Even the ones I think should be more on display than for actual use.
14. Learn sign language. Or at least sign up for a class to learn.
15. Discover the hiking and biking trails in my neighborhood.
16. Decide once and for all (yes or no) about that tattoo. (you with me Lizzie?!)
17. Go to Palm Springs for a relaxing vacation. 
18. Make, list, and sell my jewelry on Etsy.
19. Figure out a good hobby. (in addition to the jewelry)
20. Make/paint a small canvas for my (future) gallery wall.
21. See the sunrise.
22. Go to the horse races.
23. Go on just a champagne tasting trip. 
24. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge. (I've never done it!)
25. Exercise regularly. Get those toned arms, legs and gluts I've always wanted.
26. Go to a shooting range to try it. (this is something I was fiercely against, but think it's good to try most things once.) Check! {9/6/12 - 9/9/12, Shasta Lake}
27. Visit a psychic.
28. Be spontaneous.
29. Improve my "get up and go" and "just try it" attitude. See #28.
30. Be more crafty.
31. Keep moving forward.
32. Fall in love.

Do you have a bucket list of items that you would like to try or do? Any of the above on my list you've already accomplished?

Also wanted to take a minute to thank you, my lovely readers for making this last year so fun. I know there may not be a lot of you...but it's always been about quality, not quantity for me. :)


*Credit - Photo via Lizzie, from our collab.


  1. Happy Birthday Lady!! Love your bucket list...and yes, to #16! I think I need to make a list like this...and stick to it! xoxo

    1. Liz, are we doing #16? Just tell me when....and give me some time to get the courage up, and it's on. ;)

      Make a list! I would love to see what's on it.



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