September 19, 2012


I love quizzes. Wait let me preface that statement with, I love style, decor, fashion type quizzes. The ones where you pick three pretty pictures or the "statement that best relates to you" and voila instant generalizations of what you may want. Totally scientific.  I like it because it takes me back to my Cosmo quiz takin' days of "does he like me?" Or "are you happy?" All things we can work out for ourselves but still need a magazine's help to really figure it out. ;)

Today's quiz was "borrowed" from one of my favorite blogs YHL. A blog that I read daily and gush about almost daily as well. My girl S and I talk about John and Sherry as if we know them personally. Too bad we don't because I just know we would get along wonderfully. HomeGoods created a Stylescope quiz for you to take by picking five pretty pictures that best represents you. And (again) voila, a design genre that relates to you. And within that genre it gives tips for how to style, or throw a party, and even a Pinterest board that you can follow. I'm Urban Funk and a touch of Boho. Normally I think of myself more as a Classic with a touch of Boho, but I welcome my funky side.

Anyone else have George Clinton's "We Want the Funk" song in their head?  

"Ow, we need the funk, We gotta have that funk..."

Now you do!



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