September 6, 2012

LSL {Housetour} - Retro Metro's Houseboat Style

Well it's that time again of year again, time for my annual house boating trip. Think sun, booze, swimming, floaties, and more booze. Just the way I like to end my summer right. And while we are upgrading for a fancier boat this year (we're such adults) it's only something we do for a long weekend. 

Last year I featured this full-time livable house boat beauty on the River Thames in London. This year, I found two retro-lovin' lovelies and their two dogs who live on their houseboat all year in Long Beach, CA. Two very different styles but one very livable space.

How 1970-ish is this?

While it's not exactly my interior style, I do have to say that every time I go on my houseboat trip I do feel like I'm time warped back into the 70's. I love that they have embraced that and made their home so retro and cozy. What do you think about a full-time life on a houseboat? For me, it's just a long weekend deal. 

Happy (early) weekend!


*Credit - via Apartment Therapy, photos via Marcia Prentice)

1 comment:


    What is this place? How cool is this?! Is this really their home or do they do tours? Explain, I'm totally salivating right now. I love retro!

    Okay, I'm being really pushy, sorry...

    One more thing, can can we please talk about that jumpsuit?!

    I love everything about this post. Have a nice weekend!


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