February 11, 2011

New to the 'sphere


Yes, I've decided to write a blog. I know how cliche, everyone seems to be doing the same.  I don't believe that mine will be too different than the masses, but wanted to do something a bit more creative with my life.   So, I thought, why not?! Let's give this thing a go!  I would like this to be a place that I am able to share my thoughts on all things lovely.  Interested in interior design, fashion, art, travel, food, and making this place we live in all a little more lovely.  

I'll start my very first post with this business card that was included in my last purchase from etsy.com. (A quite addicting site, if I don't say so myself.)  It was a sweet lovely little surprise that made me smile. I hope it makes you do the same.


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