May 17, 2011

The Beauty Deptartment

Lauren Conrad, a la Hills fame, has teamed up with her personal stylist, Amy Nadine and her personal hair and make up artist, Kristin Ess, to start The Beauty Department.  It is a fun website chalk full of good hair, skin, and makeup tips. It is about to celebrate it's one month anniversary and so far, I have really been enjoying it. It's been my go-to site for learning new tips to freshen up my everyday look.  

photo credit - angela+ithyle via TBD

What I like about it is that not only is it filled with pretty pictures (that give a girl some inspiration on new trends) it's filled with lots of helpful video tutorials for a semi-challenged beauty (especially in the hair department) gal like myself. There is the how to for the "Hollywood Glam" make-up look.

And my to get LC's signature look, the 'I just got out of bed with these beautiful waves' waves. 

I suggest you go and check it out, if only because it's an easy read filled with lots of girly loveliness.
via via TBD

Now if only they could incorporate some tips for us girls with shorter hair. Well, I'm off to make my "when life gives you lemons" salt scrub.

Ta ta


  1. Oh, love this! I'll have to check out her website! Thanks for the info :)

  2. I love Lauren Conrad!!! Thank you Lauren, for giving me a new website to obsess over ;)

  3. Ohh..I'd love to wave my hair like Lauren Conrad! I made lemon sugar scrub for my family members for Christmas and it was a HIT! People still tell me how much they love using it. xoxox

  4. Shea, I would love love love to get that recipe sometime. I love making homemade gifts! xo

  5. Haha! That first pic is amazing! Great find!


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