May 4, 2011

Here I go again...

I am off on another road trip. This time visiting Southern California to partake in another very good friend's wedding festivities.  

Since we are driving I'm planning to pack the car to look a little like this...
Anyone who knows me at all knows I have a very hard time with the term "packing light." Those two words together are simply not in my vocabulary.  Since I will be on a much deserved vacay with my guy, I am planning on being offline for a little over a week. Yikes! Whatever will you do without me?  

So, to let you live vicariously give you an idea...I'll be busy watching two of my friends 
say "I do!" 

Will be drinking my fair share of champagne. In large quantities, looking a little like this, jewels and all.

There will be
visiting the beach and hopefully getting some sunbathing in. 

Meaning I may even get to break out this for the first time this season...
Yes, a cute little bikini.  I will not look this good or this tan in one, but a girl can dream. I would even love to get my toes wet in the ocean.  

However, chances are I will most likely be living in something like my staple
long maxi dresses. (while looking so seductive and pose-y, no doubt) 

And even break out my
new floppy hat. (which I think I look oh so cute in).

There will be sightseeing, we'll be hitting Santa Barbara, LA and San Diego. Planning on lots of visits with friends and family, and hopefully I will come home a little "heavier" the closet.  

I hope you lovelies have a fabulous week.  Wishing you all sunny, beach-going weather to enjoy where ever you are.


*Credits - all photos via pinterest

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