May 1, 2011

Calypso for Target

Today is the day! I'm so happy to announce that the best resort-style brand (in my eyes) is at Target. Ever since I worked at a small boutique right out of college, those many moons ago, I saw first hand what a great brand Calypso is and how I needed to buy ever single piece. However, the price tag didn't help in my affording anything new from this beautiful brand. 

From what I saw today (when I had to drag myself to the nearest Target as soon as I got up this morning) it did not disappoint. The Santa Clara Target on the other hand did not fare so well in my eyes. I practically had to accost the employees to 1.) find out where it was located (all over the store, by the way) and 2. harass the very nice employees setting up Calypso displays to hurry up and put all the product out already! (in my nicest, sweetest voice, of course).  

Here's a look at some of LSL's favorite things...

Very fresh scent

Love the tan and white with lime accents

Ombre + tasseled scarf = wishing I saw this one this morning 

If only I was this trending as a little girl
Again, too bad this number wasn't at my Target, I would have scooped this one up for sure
Took home two of these turquoise votives and for only $2.99!

Tried this one on. Very cute

I absolutely LOVE this one.
I'm thinking it would look great in a little girls room with coral walls with light blue accessories

I was thisclose to taking this guy home in red

So, head to your nearest Target (or go online) and enjoy this collection for yourself.  There is the "Reef" collection (red, orange and yellow), the "Sea" collection (navy, turquoise and white) and the "Shore" collection (tan, white and lime). They all are fabulous in my eyes and you can do no wrong with anything you pick up.  Again from one frugal fashionista to another I had to share.



  1. I am going tomorrow. Thanks for the preview of what is in store at
    Target. momma

  2. I want that scarf, and anything with elephants I have to purchase because they are my most favorite animal. lol! Thanks for sharing Lauren :)


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