May 23, 2011

Lovely Life Series

What a wonderful weekend it was.  Saturday my dear friend, Miss CT, and I met for lunch at the most wonderful French restaurant, Cafe des Amis, on Union Street in SF. It is such an amazing find, the food is incredible (hands down the best quiche I've ever had!) and the staff was delightful. I highly recommend making your way to the Marina to check out this gem.  I am not so secretly hoping and praying, that someday they will decide to open one closer to say, the South Bay? (I'll help get the word out) Needless to say, my love affair for all thing French just went up a notch! *Swoon*

Following food, we decided to then fill up on our fashion fix; we headed to the De Young museum to see the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit. Boy oh boy did it impress!  There were probably 50 dresses to check out from all different periods in his designing life.  It was so hard not to lean over and just touch all the fabric, definitely a feast for the eyes.

After leaving the museum I couldn't stop thinking about where Christobal  Balenciaga spent his days designing. Which of course leads to "what if I where a designer, what would my study/office look like?"  Would it be light and airy? Cozy and comfortable? Or a mix of old and new?

Designed by Miles Reed, photo - Thomas Loof

Designed by Joe Nye, photo - John Coolidge

Designed by Albert Hadley, photo - Christopher Baker

Designed by David Kaihoi, photo - Ngoc Minh Ngo

Designed by Craig Schumacher & Phillip Kirk, photo - Nathan Schroder

Designed by Markham Roberts, photo - unknown

Designed by J. Randall Powers, photo - Luca Trovota

Designed by Myra Hoefer, photo - Victoria Pearson

Designed by Alessandra Branca, photo - Thilbault Jeanson

Designed by Lindsay Bond, photo - Jonny Valiant

Designed by Ellen O'Neill, photo - Thomas Loof

It's fun to pretend and the one thing I know for SURE, it's gotta have a chandelier.  Have you ever dreamed of designing a space all your own? What would be a must for that room? Book shelves? Lots of light? Comfy chairs? 


PS. There is some exciting news coming Friday!  Check back then for a new LSL contributor!  Can't wait for you to meet...

*Credit - all images via House Beautiful

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  1. I LOVE the yummy! And I also heard the exhibit is AMAZING...Jamie was telling me all about it. Sounds like a lovely day!

    Can't wait to hear about the newest contributor...


  2. have you ever been to cafe de la presse? its on stockton (i believe) liz and i had brunch there once. so delish! you should check it out sometime :) i too, love all things french! :)

  3. Gladys, I have not gone there yet, but that sounds delish! Thank you for the hot tip! :)


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