August 5, 2011

LSL {Foodie Friday} - Where it all starts...

I thought I would take this Friday to look at where all of those delicious Foodie Friday creations the good ol kitchen. There are so many different styles of kitchens: modern, rustic, functional, country, the list goes on.  And, each person has their own criteria for what makes their style of kitchen a favorite; is it a functional one? Kid-friendly? Does it have a large island? Is it a pretty soothing color? 

Below are some of my favorite kitchen inspirations that I would someday hope to re-create, in my dream home, no less.

Love the textures of all the different seats and table
Plush Palate

Turquoise tiles are great stand out detail
House Beautiful
photo - Francesco Lagnese; designer - Frank Roop

White cabinets with black marble look great with the avocado color
via -
YHL via Rusty Hinges

You have to must check out the renovation of this beautiful kitchen below, it's is simply amazing!
Via The Bee Hive via D*S

A BIG hell yes! to hinged doors and chalkboard paint
Source unknown (please help if you know)

Such beautiful Spanish influences. And that fireplace, come on
Elle Decor
photo - Simon Upton
designer/owner - Antonello Radi

Modern and manly
Elle Decor
photo - Emily Minton-Redfield; designer - David Adjaye

That ceiling was modeled after an old sailboat
House Beautiful 
photo - Christopher Baker; designer  - Gary McBournie

I swoon every time for an all white kitchen
Elle Decor
photo - Simon Upton; designer - Steven Gambrel

Holy crap! Those floors and that marble
Rooms Bloom via My fav place

That Dash and Albert rug looks great with this country style kit
My fav place

What is your favorite kitchen of the bunch?  Are you a home geek like me and spend time day-dreaming about what your dream house and/or kitchen would look like? Really, just me?  Well, just in case you are too shy to mention it, check out my other house musings, an office-inspired post here and my outdoor entertaining ideas here

Have a lovely weekend.


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