January 9, 2012

Bursts of Bright

This Northern California winter has been ridiculous in the best possible way. This past weekend was in the 70's! Seriously ridiculous for a January. And I really am not trying to brag to my East Coast and European friends, but it gives a whole new meaning to California dreamin'. Sadly there has been no rain here in months and absolutely no snow in the Sierra's. But, I am a sunny kinda gal, so I am loving the chance to bust out my spring(ish) clothes, if only for a couple of weeks.

With all this bright beautiful weather, it makes me want to add some bright beautiful color to my waredrobe. For inspiration here are some bright color options to add to your winter duds, whether that be for your 70 degree winter weather or your -20 degree winter weather. 

Great bright pink and turq combo
via Atlantic-Pacific
Love the pops of red to a winter coat
via Brooklyn Blonde
via Stockholm Street Style
I like all her dark layers, but she still makes room for color
via Brooklyn Blonde

via Lookbook.Nu
Such lovely coat color options
via Net-A-Porter
I die. This may be my new all time fav look...
which, of course, I can definitely picture me rocking
via Court and Hudson
This girl has style!

Even the fellas can get into it

Such a statement that aqua can be
via Pinterest
via Schmegga Tumblr

Wishing you sunny days and pretty pops of color, wherever you may be.



  1. I need to wear more 'pops of color'...this give me inspiration to break out and try new colors! xo

  2. Outfit bloggers never cease to amaze me. Where do they get the time, resources, clothes and ideas EVERY DAY?? I'm lucky if I love my outfit one day a week and even then it wouldn't be website worthy.

    I love this collection of photos...very inspiring!

    Enjoy your California Dreams. : )

  3. I agree!! I can barely make it to one okay outfit a week! And, I know these bloggers get fabulous free swag, but how can they afford to shop all day? Paint me "brightly" envious! lol ;-)


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