January 30, 2012



J. Crew's Collection, a line of limited-edition, high-end luxury clothing, is debuting next Monday and as you can see it is gorge-ous! I know that Fall is usually my favorite of all shopping seasons but I can't help but smile when the spring collections launch. Bright colors and warm weather are just around the corner. And, wowza there are a few piece that I have my eye on this spring, that green sequin skirt, (where I would wear, I have NO idea but I have to have) that all yellow outfit, and that blue striped skirt paired with a chambray shirt, I die. But one item that is at the top of my color-coordinated list is that green purse. I don't how I've lived my whole life without it? A little dramatic, yeah, so what.

J.Crew's Collection may not be on my frugalista list but also launching next week on Sunday, February 5th (Superbowl Sunday for you fellas) is Jason Wu's collection for Tar-jay. With the whole Missoni fiasco (me mistakenly showing up at noon on launch day thinking there would still be something left...sob) I am getting it right this time and setting le alarm clock for early. Move outta my way ladies, I'm out for blood woman's fashions.



  1. That lime green sequin skirt has been making me crazy since I saw it on you "pin" it.

    I L.O.V.E It!!!!!!!! It reminds me a bit of the detailing on Zooey Deschanel's Golden Globes dress.



    1. I am seriously ob.sessed with this whole collection! Going to J.Crew tonight to check it out in person. Yes, I am one of 'those' that has to be there on debut day! haha :)

    2. What's the verdict? Is that skirt as fierce as it looks in the photo? Or do you have to be 2 lbs to pull it off?

      I'm a little short and well-rounded in the bum region so I think neon sequin may not be the best choice but ugh, but I want it!!!

      (stomping feet)

    3. It's pretty amazing up close. But I too am overly "blessed" in the caboose/thigh/hip region so I thought it looked a little silly on me. I think next time you are in NY you might have to try it...every girl should have a neon green sequin skirt in their wardrobe! ;) But yes, sadly I think those boring straight up and down figures might make it look best.

  2. I love the pinks and corals! If only I was so brave to wear both those colors together!

    1. You would look great in it all Liz! But, I know...to be so bold!


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