January 17, 2012

LSL {The Lovely List} - Rather Be...

The cold weather has caught up with us here in Nor Cal and I again am caught daydreaming of being anywhere else other than work today. I really think being a lady of leisure would suit me so well. Sigh. 

I would rather be wearing this

while snuggling here

with this cozy blanket and these lovely candles

while reading this

In a perfect world, what would you rather be doing? Or wearing? Or reading today? 


*Credits - Wrap via ModCloth; Flannel + socks via Natty By Design; Dog on Couch via Coco + Kelley; Pendleton Hudson Bay blanket via Wit + Delight; Jo Malone candles; The Perfectly Imperfect Home via Amazon


  1. Id be on a plane to india for a photo project. Id be wearing a maxi dress on the plane, and reading a devotional book while eating cookies. lol.


    1. So that sounds like a great plan too! I think I want to change my mind to being on the same flight...and maybe in that exact same outfit! I love me a maxi dress! :)

      I should add a wine night with you and Lizzie to my rather be list!



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