June 6, 2012

Gallery Walls

To have a gallery wall or not to? That is my question. I love the look of gallery walls and have always enjoyed seeing them in other people's homes; it's fun to check out the pictures and memorabilia all in one place. 

The reason I pose this gallery wall conundrum is...you guessed it, I have one big wall that is just screaming for a change. And since you know I live in a studio, I really only have four walls to play with, and seeing that three of my walls are either a closet, a large window, or the entry way to my kitchen. So the one wall it is. Could a gallery wall work? 

THE wall in question
Looks much smaller than it is, but in total it's over 13ft.
via my trusty iPhone

Here are my thoughts-

Do the traditional: same color frames throughout and it must go all the way to the ceiling...

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This picture comes with a how-to.

Or do eclectic with a mixture of frames and art work...

Or there's shabby chic, with mirrors and empty frames...

Or paint part of the wall dark to frame it...

Or paint it all dark and move it to the bathroom... yeah probably not. But that chalkboard paint is fun none-the-less.

Or make it a little more modern and incorporate shelves...

OR scrap the gallery idea altogether and swap it for some extra large art...

What to do? What to do? Seeing all these great ideas makes me inspired to get something up in the walls asap. For me hanging pretty things is always the last thing on the list to do when I move. And, sadly more times than not, I never get to it, leaving my apartments and rooms feeling incomplete. 

However going through all these images, I do still love my gallery wall idea the best. I have so many random pictures, art pieces, and keepsakes that I would love to have out on display. And as much as I love the idea of very large scale art, I'm not sure if my teeny-tiny studio is ready for it. But, man once I get that mansion, large scale art better watch out. 

What are your thoughts about hanging up pictures in your home? Do you have any gallery wall advice of your own? Or frankly any picture hanging advice for keeping everything in line and not needing to put a thousand holes in your wall? (Is it just me?!)

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