September 1, 2011

The Window

Barney's has a new blog, it's called The Window and it's pretty fantastic. Anyone who knows me, knows, I like to shop. (more so window shopping these days, but whatever) In addition, I also like to learn about upcoming designers and any trends that I should be participating in. You know, so I don't look like a complete fool to the oh-so stylish shop girl helping me out. And Barney's The Window has all that.  

The Window features sections like, The Pedestal, which is a "weekly in-depth look at an objet d'art." Sounds fancy, it is. The Big Bang focuses on up and coming designers or iconic favorites of yore. And, 61st & Style keeps tabs on NYC's most fashionable. If nothing else, it's a great resource to check out while you are pursuing around the Barney's website.

Now let's play my new favorite game, what's my favorite part? Has to be the link to Personalities where it interviews stylish bloggers and all around fashion/fabulous trend setters. It even featured one of my blogger icons, Elements of Style, Erin Gates. 

Check it out, and continue to follow me too, maybe someday you'll see me on there?! (Man, I hope Barney's is reading this...a girl can dream.)


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