February 16, 2012

LSL {Housetour} - Cabin Fever

I am heading to the snow this weekend. Well, that is if Tahoe even has snow on the ground this week. I think so? I hope so! I can't remember the last time I was up to Tahoe in the winter. Sadly it might have even been up to five years ago or more. (Yikes!) Personally I am not built for the snow (sorry my cabin friends for all my complaining in advance) I adore Tahoe in the summer; sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the lake, and being on a boat is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Basically the complete opposite of being bundled up, skiing, and slipping and sliding in the snow. Since it's been so long, I am looking forward to frolicking in the snow again, and when I say frolick, I mean drinking hot toddies and catching up on my books and gossip mags. 

I have been lusting after this cabin house for some time now. THIS is how I picture my weekend in the snow. All bundled up in that Hermes blanket, reading one of the many books featured in their fancy library, and then taking a nice bubble bath in that incredible tub. Oh how a girl can dream. I imagine the cabin we'll be staying at is the exact opposite of this lovely abode.

I die. I can just picture myself curled up on one of these fab velvet couches listening to the crackling fire.

Gah! Bunk beds with their own personal curtains. When can I move in?  


A sunroom! Okay I just died again. I cannot get over how amazing this winter wonderland is. 

Happy long weekend lovelies! Foodie Friday is still on for tomorrow but I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday with some more regularly scheduled broadcasting. That is if I don't turn into a Lauricle there. (see what I did there...a Lauren icicle. Haha. As long as I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny.)


*Credit - via Elle Decor and photos via Miguel Flores-Vianna

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