February 23, 2012

LSL {Housetour} - Estate of Grace, Tory Burch

While perusing around Vogue's website, I stumbled upon Miss Tory Burch's new Southampton home and, wow oh wow is it amazing! I adore TB's fashion sense and to me she is the epitome of style and grace. I don't think there is a piece of clothing from any of her many lines that I wouldn't want to own. And don't even get me started on her accessory line, I'm seriously in love with every. single. piece.

Hamish Bowles states it perfectly in describing Tory's 1920's style home, how it seems like it's a house one might find described within the pages of The Great Gatsby. "It is the sort of house that Jay Gatsby might have built to bedazzle Daisy Buchanan and win her heart back again..." With the long dramatic driveway, the beautiful way Tory designed the outdoor dining in her pool house with the use of the black trellis accents. What I appreciate most is how Tory isn't afraid of mixing patterns and textures, which also seems to mirror in her clothing designs, and can be seem throughout the house. How amazing it would be to take this housetour in real life? For now I'll daydream by re-reading my worn out copy of The Great Gastby and picturing myself walking through this beautiful estate and checking out all her lovely treasures.

Now on to my favorite game, what's your favorite part? Mine would have to be that beautiful chandelier in the above picture, or is it the wallpaper in the shown in the living room, (picture 4) or is it the pool house? Ahh, I just can't decide. What do you think of Tory's Southampton home? 


*Credit - Vogue - Article by Hamish Bowles, photos by Norman Jean Roy & Francois Halard

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